Kish Island

Kish Island


Kish, a small island in the lower Persian Gulf, is one of the most beautiful coral islands in the world. A 91.5 resort island in Bandar Lenge, Hormozgan Province, off the southern coast of Iran in the Persian Gulf.


Kish means quiver, as the island looks like an arrow in the quiver from the above. In 325 BC, Alexander the great send his admiral Nearchus on an investigation sailing in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. Kish Island’s name was in the Nearchus’s list of residential islands.

In 1989 ministerial approval was given for the creation of a special industrial trade zone on Kish and in 1992 the Kish Free Trade Organization was established. Significant infrastructure investment has now taken place, making Kish an important tourist destination as well. Kish Island, is visa free for ALL nationalities for up to 30 days! That includes USA, Canada and UK.

Kish has the capacity to satisfy multiple travel tastes of travelers:

Adventurers should try scuba diving & Ocean Water Park, while children could enjoy the Dolphin Park. Grownups can relax on the Sunny, Warm, Calm beaches & dear women manage your time! You don’t want to leave one single of luxurious malls and shopping centers in the Island unseen.

Even on the most luxurious island of Iran one can enjoy a visit to a cultural heritage dating back more than two millennia. Kish Island has been inhabited by Iranians since Achaemenid Empire and it is rich in history as it is in beauty.

Some to see at Kish Island:

Greek Ship, Ocean Water Park, Dolphin Park, Kariz-e-Kish, Ladies’ Beach, Harire-Ancient City, Kish Diving Center, and a lot more are waiting for you at the gorgeous Kish Island.

For those looking for remnants of our country’s ancient history, for lovers of the sea and its mesmerizing sunrise and sunset, pure warm water, beautiful coral reefs, unique marine life, and an amazing combination of traditional and modern life style, Kish Island would be the best choice.







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