Tehran Historical Grand Market

Tehran Historical Grand Market

Tehran Historical Grand Market


Tehran Grand Bazaar

Along with other sights in Tehran city, the Grand Bazaar is the largest and the most crowded one; The Heart Beat of Iran’s Economy.

This Bazaar includes a lot of historical buildings dated back to Shah Tahmasb’s era. Visiting the oldest bazaar of Tehran would definitely sound awesome. Regarding its traditional architecture, a superb visual pleasure is provided for its visitors. Furthermore, it is the only wholesale center of Tehran. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot do retail shopping here. It distributes almost all sorts of products to other shops around Tehran. Moreover, for those who care about economical prices, this bazaar is the best place for shopping. Keep in mind that it has separate small bazaars that each sell a particular product. Therefore, you should find out the certain section you want to buy things from. There are also many famous restaurants with unbelievably delicious Iranian dishes around.



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