Bujhan; as Beautiful as Masouleh

Don’t have time to go to the North of Iran? Don’t worry you can catch a glance of there only 100 kilometers from Mashhad; in Neishabour Road; the Colorful village of Bujhan.

If you are planning a trip to Khorasan Razavi province to visit the holly shrine of Ali-ibn-Musa-al-Reza (A.S) and wish to go somewhere Green, mild weathered, and calm in the highlands, like Masouleh in the North, as well, the beautiful village of Bujhan is exactly what you wish for only 100 kilometers from the holly shrine. A village full of fruit gardens, rivers and clear waterfalls and spectacular staircase architecture! Amidst the southern highlands of the Binalood Mountain ranges.
There are several interpretations for the meaning of Bujhan; one is grown up, the second is taken from the extension of the area called Cheshmeh Saran, the last of which is after a plant name with small leaves of which there are man to be found in the village.

Mountains has brought life to the people of the village and brought colorful plants along its path. The river crosses several heights on its way to the valley, creating several beautiful waterfalls along its route and is one of the most beautiful sceneries of Bujhan.
Bujhan is a historic village with a long history, it is estimated that the Islamic mystic Abu Sa’id Abul Khair lived there. From an excavation of an old cemetery several pieces of stone dishes and bowls belong to Zoroastrians who lived thousand years ago were found; buried with the deads.
Bujhan has a similar architecture to several other steppe villages in Iran. All of these villages were built in mountainous, steep slopes. Its texture is very centralized and all the houses are connected in some way.

The economy of the village of Bujhan is based on agriculture, horticulture, livestock, and handicraft production.  Fruit and vegetable are the most important agricultural products of the village. Cherry, walnut, plum and apricot and grape are the products of the village and also due to the diversity of surrounding mountain vegetation, livestock breeding, meat production, sheep wool and dairy products in the village. Women also collaborate with rural men in farming and livestock production.
It takes about an hour of walk to the waterfall from the village; following the river for 2 km along the village’s mosque, lush forests and walnut gardens. Note that the route is difficult and you will face steep slopes, so make sure the essential equipment; it is a great place to start an exciting climbing, alongside cheerful springs and colorful flowers. Many people choose the route of Shokrab Springs towards the summit of Shirabad and enjoy the beautiful and pristine nature of the mountain along the way.

The people of Bujhan often wear local costumes, and most of the village’s ancient and religious ceremonies are held in Imamzadeh. In the month of Muharram. In their rehearsals they also enjoy their local songs, which are the same as the Khorasani folk songs, and they perform the folk songs of the city youths with a beautiful wood-fired dance, and singing.

Women weave carpets and rugs in their colorful costumes, and craft with their own hands to help the family.
It is highly recommended to try local dishes in Bujhan.

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