According to Wikipedia, Abyaneh is an ancient Iranian Village located at the foot of Karkas Mountain, 70 kilometers southeast of Kashan in Isfahan province. The word Abyaneh, has been derived from the word “viona” meaning a willow grove.


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It’s a 2000 years old village which one can find there live traditions as if it’s still 2000 years ago; seems like for this beautiful Red village the time has stopped. The unique architectural style of Abyaneh still catches the tourists’ eyes with wonder; in fact, the red clay creates a rather magical view that one can imagine only in a fairy land. The Village has the stairway architectural style like the world widely famous village of Masuleh; houses located on the slope as if placed on a stairway and the roofs of some houses are used to serve as the courtyard for other houses higher up on the slope. The old age of Abyaneh makes it to be like a gate to the history of ancient Iran; intensified by the loyalty of the locals to honoring their traditions and history, like using Sassanid Pahlavi words in their conversations and their traditional clothing.

Herpak, a unique ancient temple in the village, is one of several unique attributions in Abyaneh that are worth to pay a visit. Other places to see there include a Chief mosque with a unique Mihrab from Seljukian period, houses harmonious with climate and mountainous land. It would be hard to find a historical beautiful village with such a rich tradition and unique architecture anywhere else in the world, so pack your luggage and book a dreamy travel to the dream land of Abyaneh.

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