Koofte Tabrizi



Iranian cuisines are as vary as the regions, cultures, tastes, climates, traditions and life styles’ of the people who’ve been living in this amazing country for thousands of years. Koofteh Tbrizi as the name suggests, belongs to Tabriz, the capital city of the East Azerbaijan; which is rich in meat products having big cattle and sheep herds. This dish’s specialty is in its capacity in diverse ingredients, as almost each family has its own ingredient beside the original one with the essential materials. Koofteh Tabrizi is one of the most foods in Tabriz that is popular all around the country as well; in spite the fact that, this is sort of an expensive dish, but extraordinarily delicious. The ingredients of Koofteh are prepared as a round mixture (usually as large as a fist) with a boiled egg, walnuts or dried plum at the center. Koofteh Tabrizi generally is a super meatball with dried fruits and berries, a variety of nuts, etc; missing this food while travelling to Iran would be a loss.

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